Plenary Speakers:

Francesco Fatone

Professor of Chemical-Environmental Engineering at Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy)

“Lessons Learnt on Taking Resource Recovery Technology up the TRL Levels all the Way to Implementation”

Mark Fletcher


“Applying a Water Lens to the Circular Economy”

Karie James

Project Delivery at Sanergy

“Urban Sanitation in Africa: Coverting Human Waste into Electricity, Fertilizer and High Other High Margin Products”

Keynote Speakers:

Gerard van den Berg

Project Manager at KWR Water Research Instıtute and Coordinator of ULTIMATE Project

“Towards Water Smart Industrial Symbiotic Systems”

Ramon Ganigué

Prof. in Environmental Biotechnology at Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology, Ghent University

“The Fast & The Curious: Understanding Microbiomes to Develop High-rate Fermentation Processes”

Ludwig Hermann

Senior Advisor at Proman Management GmbH

“Phosphorus Recovery and the European Green Deal: What may be the Effect of Policies, Strategies, Missions and Action Plans”

Tim Hülsen

Senior Research Fellow at Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology

"Practical implementation of a modular and scalable 1m3 outdoors flat plate photobioreactor for resource recovery with purple phototrophic bacteria"

Evina Katsou

Prof. and Course Director of the Water Engineering MSc at Brunel University.

“ Circular Economy & Sustainability in the Water Sector: from Data to Smart Water Systems”

Sabine Kleinsteuber

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig (Germany)

“Carbon fixation by mixotrophic chain elongation processes”

Olaf van der Kolk

CEO of AquaMinerals

“Safe Reuse: Cautiously Ambitious”

Ewan McAdam

Profesor in Cranfield Water Science Institute at Cranfield University

Membrane crystallisation as an enabling technology for resource recovery: From controlling mechanism to widescale application

Krishna Pagilla

Ralph and Rose Hoeper Engineering Professor and Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Nevada, Reno

“Ozone-BAC Based Advanced Treatment of Reclaimed Water for Indirect Potable Reuse in Inland Regions”

Ilje Pikaar

Assoc. Prof. in Environmental Engineering at The University of Queensland

“Circular use of coagulants through integrated urban water management”

Gustavo Rafael Collere Possetti

Associate Professor at Higher Institute of Administration and Economics, Brazil

“Generating sustainable value through municipal sewage: Brazilian experiences from research to innovation”

Peter Vale

Carbon & Circular Economy Architect at Severn Trent

"A Route to Low Carbon, Energy Positive Sewage Treatment"