Lessons Learnt on Taking Resource Recovery Technology up the TRL Levels all the Way to Implementation
Francesco Fatone (IT)
11:45 12:15 BREAK

Session 1
High Value Bioproducts/Chemicals
Session 2
Industrial Symbiosis
Session 3
Energy Recovery
12:15 12:35 KEYNOTE
Circular Use of Coagulants Through Integrated Urban Water Management
Dr. Ilje Pikaar (AU)
Towards Water Smart Industrial Symbiotic Systems
Dr. Gerard van den Berg (NL)
Peter Vale (UK)
12:35 12:50 Exploring the synergy between carbon capture and utilization and microbial protein production for a more sustainable food chain
Lotte Rosa Van Peteghem, Myrsini Sakarika, Silvio Matassa, Ilje Pikaar, Ramon Ganigué, Korneel Rabaey
A novel approach in nZVI synthesis: reducing agent hydrazine recovery from deammonification wastewater
Esra Erken, Ceren Hür, Bilge Alpaslan Kocamemi
Enhancing biogas production from the anaerobic treatment of municipal wastewater by forward osmosis pretreatment
Soraya Zahedi, Federico Ferrari, Gaetan Blandin, Jose Luis Balcazar, Maite Pijuan
12:50 13:05 What is the best operational strategy to valorize protein‐rich streams into polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)?
Alba Roibás Rozas, Ángeles Val Del Río, Almudena Hospido, Anuska Mosquera Corral
Smart water and efficient management in large industrial sites: the Italian case study of Aretusa
Cecilia Bruni, Marco Parlapiano, Massimiliano Sgroi, Anna Laura Eusebi, Giovanna Darvini, Camillo Palermo, Francesco Fatone
Evaluation of electricity generation from pretreated sewage sludge with α‐amylase and peracetic acid using microbial fuel cells
Lucía González Espinoza, Petia Mijaylova Nacheva, Edson Baltazar Estrada Arriaga, Iván Moreno Andrade
13:05 13:20 Sustainable polyhydroxyalkanoates production from municipal waste streams: Pure cultures vs. Mixed cultures
Kasra Khatami, Mariel Perez Zabaleta, Zeynep Cetecioglu
Innovative decentralized sewage treatment project for 400 households and local industry, combining water, nutrient and energy recovery (Run4Life and COST Circular City)
Bart De Gusseme, Benjamin Buysschaert, Dries Seuntjens, Lieven Demolder, Wim Jacobs, Peter De Smet
Hyperthermophilic biohydrogen production from unpretreated cattle manure by Caldicellulosiruptor bescii
Berivan Tunca, Feride Ece Kutlar, Aykut Kas, Yasemin Dilsad Yilmazel
13:20 13:35 The production of a newly discovered PHA family member, poly(3‐hydroxyisobutyrate), and poly(3‐hydroxybutyrate), from isobutyrate using a microbial enrichment
Chris Maarten Vermeer, Larissa Jennigje Bons, Robbert Kleerebezem
An investigation on the potential use of waste sericin as a fish feed additive in aquaculture
Goksen Capar, Levent Dogankaya
Reinventing the solids train by incorporating hydrothermal liquefaction into a wastewater treatment plant
Alper Ibrahim Basar, Huan Liu, Paul Kadota, Cigdem Eskicioglu

Session 4
High Value Bioproducts/Chemicals
Session 5
Pilot / Full Scale Applications
Session 6
Energy Recovery
14:05 14:25 Survivability of accumulated PHA in municipal surplus activated sludge
Ruizhe Pei, Nouran Tarek Bahgat, Robbert Kleerebezem, Mark Van Loosdrecht, Alan Werker
Generating Sustainable Value Through Municipal Sewage: Brazilian Experiences from Research to Innovation
Dr. Gustavo Rafael Collere Possetti (BR)
Comparative analysis on digestibility of the waste activated sludge (WAS) and aerobic granular sludge (AGS)
Busra Cicekalan, Muhammed Furkan Aras, Sadiye Kosar, Fatme Busra Yaman Buyukbuberoglu, Gulin Ucas, Mustafa Evren Ersahin, Ismail Koyuncu, Hale Ozgun
14:25 14:40 Selective growth of PHA‐storing biomass to maximize the production of PHA by waste activated sludge
Ángel Estévez Alonso, María Arias Buendía, Mark C.m. Van Loosdrecht, Robbert Kleerebezem, Alan Werker
Nitrogen and phosphorus recovery and valorization in urban WWTP: a holistic point of view of the whole value chain
Álvaro Mayor Pillado, Adriana Romero Lestido, Joana Tobella Brunet, Eva Mena Gil, Philippe Rouge None, Pilar Rodriguez Gutierrez, Clement Roche None, Carmen Biel Loscos, Mar Carreras Sempere, Jose Luis Cortina Pallas, Cesar Valderrama Ángel
Exploring the effect of the temperature in anaerobic digestion of slaughterhouse wastewater: bioenergy, pharmaceutical compounds and antibiotic resistance genes
Soraya Zahedi, Gros Meritxell, Balcazar Jose Luis, Petrovic Mira, Pijuan Maite,
14:40 14:55 From wastewater cellulose to biopolymers with strong flocculent properties
Etienne Paul, Ana Morgado Ferreira, Jean Noël Louvet, Mansour Bounouba, Elise Blanchet, Sylvaine Berger, Dores Cirne, Yolaine Bessière
Environmental assessment of an Italian wastewater resource recovery facility: Castelfranco Salvatronda case study
Alessia Foglia, Corinne Andreola, Giulia Cipoletta, Cecilia Bruni, Nicola Frison, Anna Laura Eusebi, Francesco Fatone
Kinetic evaluation of organic carbon degradation in large‐scale wastewater treatment plants with low biogas yield
Goksin Ozyildiz, Didem Okutman Tas, Gulsum Emel Zengin, Didem Guven, Ece Sagir Kurt, Ezgi Atli, Nigar Eyit, Emine Cokgor, Nazik Artan, Güçlü Insel
14:55 15:10 Valorization of structural extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from aerobic granular sludge (AGS) as hydrogels
Benedetta Pagliaccia, Sidonie Durieux, Yolaine Bessiere, Mansour Bounouba, Abdo Bou Sarkis, Elisabeth Girbal Neuhauser, Claudio Lubello, Tommaso Lotti, Etienne Paul
In‐line measurement and significance of dissolved methane in anaerobic wastewater treatment applied to temperate climates
Eleonora Paissoni, Richard Smith, Peter Vale, Bruce Jefferson, Ana Soares
Valorization of olive mill effluent with oligenous Yarrowia Lipolytica
Gamze Ceylan Perver, Mahmut Altınbaş
15:10 15:25 Pickle brine as renewable feedstock for biopolymer production using mixed microbial cultures
Guclu Insel, Gulsum Emel Zengin Balci, Didem Guven, Didem Okutman Tas, Goksin Ozyildiz, Dilara Ozturk, Ezgi Ayisigi, Ayse Guventurk, Emine Cokgor
Zero‐liquid discharge treatability of oral liquid and oral solid formulation facility using membrane biological reactor, reverse osmosis system with dual effect evaporator
Chandrabose Rushanth, Aynkaran Aymmugan
Reinventing the solids train by incorporating hydrothermal liquefaction into a wastewater treatment plant
Alper Ibrahim Basar, Huan Liu, Paul Kadota, Cigdem Eskicioglu

Session 7
High Value Bioproducts/Chemicals
Session 8
Nutrients Recovery & Reuse
Session 9
Urine Valorization
15:55 16:15 Chemostat vs. sequencing batch reactor: Do we have a choice for bioplastics production from municipal wastewater?
Antoine Brison, Cécile Bettex, Nicolas Derlon
Dr. Ewan McAdam (UK)
A comprehensive mathematical model to optimize nutrient recovery and recycling during composting
Eric Walling, Céline Vaneeckhaute
16:15 16:30 Recovery of rare earth elements from e‐wastes in circular economy framework
Ayse Yuksekdag, Borte Kose Mutlu, Ismail Koyuncu,
Recovery of crucial nutrient ions through engineered magnetic nanoparticles
Busra Kaya, Anett Gulyass, Neslihan Semerci, Zehra Semra Can, Seval Genç,
N2O emissions during urine nitrification
Valentin Faust, Wenzel Gruber, Ramon Ganigué, Siegfried E. Vlaeminck, Kai M. Udert,
16:30 16:45 The effect of pH on the removal and recovery of boron from water
Öykü Mutlu Salmanli, Ismail Koyuncu
Enhanced secretions of algal cell‐adhesion molecules and metal ion‐binding exoproteins promote self‐flocculation of Chlorella sp. recovering nutrients from wastewater
Zhipeng Chen, Shuang Qiu, Shijian Ge
Enhanced phosphorus removal and struvite recovery from fresh urine using biomineralisation
Robert Edward Colston, Pete Vale, Ajay Nair, Tom Stephenson, Ana Soares,
16:45 17:00 Recovery of Industrial Waste Borax Solution by Eutectic Freeze Crystallization
Fatma Elif Genceli Güner, Ayşegül Okumuş
Recovering high‐value P‐K fertilizer from effluents by integrating adsorption and electrodialysis with bipolar membranes
Ru Liu, Oded Nir
Nitrogen recovery from urine using clinoptilolite
Eleni Nyktari
17:00 17:15 Evaluation of pickle brine as the source of organic acids for biopolymer production
Ezgi Ayişigi, Didem Güven, Dilara Ozturk, Goksin Ozyildiz, Gulsum Emel Zengin, Tugba Olmez Hanci, Ece Tukenmez, Elif Banu Gencsoy, Bunyamin Karagoz, Guclu Insel, Emine Cokgor
Fermentation of sievings from domestic wastewater for improvement of biological nutrient removal
Mathijs Oosterhuis, Magela Odriozola, Merle De Kreuk
Stabilization of fresh human urine by inhibition of enzymatic ureolysis using magnesium oxide: a pre‐step to alkaline urine dehydration
Chinmoy Deb, Prithvi Simha, Dyllon Randall, Bjorn Vinnerås
Urban Sanitation in Africa: Coverting Human Waste into Electricity, Fertilizer and High Other High Margin Products
Karie James (AU)
12:00 12:30 BREAK

Session 10
Phosphorus Recovery
Session 11
High Value Bioproducts/Chemicals
Session 12
VFA and Organics Recovery
12:30 12:50 KEYNOTE
Phosphorus Recovery and the European Green Deal: What may be the Effect of Policies, Strategies, Missions and Action Plans
Ludwig Hermann (AT)
Dr. Tim Hülsen (AU)
The Fast & The Curious: Understanding Microbiomes to Develop High‐rate Fermentation Processes
Dr. Ramon Ganigué (BE)
12:50 13:05 Phosphorus recovery from the liquid phase of anaerobic digestate using biochar derived from ferric sludge: A potential phosphorus fertilizer
Xiao Xiao, Wang Hui, Yang Jiakuan
A mechanistic model for purple bacteria in raceway reactors: Simulating microbial selection and wastewater treatment performance
Abbas Alloul, Giorgio Gardella, Marta Cerruti, Siegfried E. Vlaeminck, Edo Abraham, Ralph E. F. Lindeboom, David G. Weissbrodt
Steering carbohydrate mixed‐culture fermentations towards lactic acid assisted by resource allocation modelling
Alberte Regueira, Juan M. Lema, Marta Carballa, Miguel Mauricio Iglesias
13:05 13:20 Recovery of nutrients via struvite precipitation using waste magnesite powder
Feride Ece Kutlar, Yasemin Dilsad Yilmazel
Implications of light attenuation for the upscaling of mixed purple phototrophic bacteria processes
Gabriel Capson Tojo, Damien J. Batstone, Tim Hülsen
Manipulation of mixed microbial culture by bioaugmentation for desired volatile fatty acids composition
Merve Atasoy, Zeynep Cetecioglu
13:20 13:35 Effect of humic substances on phosphate recovery using struvite precipitation
Javier Pavez, Widya Prihesti Iswarani, Jules Van Lier, Merle De Kreuk
Effect of pH and light intensity on the growth, protein content and PHA formation of purple non‐sulphur bacteria treating fuel synthesis wastewater
Afrah Siddique, Annette Shoba Vincent, Hamish R Mackey
Closing the gap between lab‐scale and full‐scale production of volatile fatty acids from wastes: The impact of substrate variability
Isaac Owusu Agyeman, Elzbieta Plaza, Zeynep Cetecioglu
13:35 13:50 Optimization of phosphorus recovery using ion exchange impregnated with adsorptive iron oxide nanoparticles
David Alexandre Desrosiers, Céline Vaneeckhaute
The green biorefinery: from grass to lactic acid and microbial protein
Myrsini Sakarika, Eleftheria Ntagia, Brecht Delmoitié, Ioanna Chatzigiannidou, Xavier Gabet, Ramon Ganigué, Korneel Rabaey
Volatile fatty acids from urban wastewater and sewage sludge: batch test experiments
Giorgio Mannina, Dario Presti, Giuseppe Gallo, Alida Cosenza

Session 13
Phosphorus Recovery
Session 14
Chain Elongation
Session 15
Economic and Environmental Sustainability
14:20 14:40 Efficient electro‐assisted removal and recovery of phosphates from anaerobic digestate using rGO/MnOx based electrode materials
Natalia Sergienko, Jelena Radjenovic
Carbon Fixation by Mixotrophic Chain Elongation Processes
Dr. Sabine Kleinsteuber (DE)
Circular Economy & Sustainability in the Water Sector: from Data to Smart Water Systems
Dr. Evina Katsou (UK)
14:40 14:55 Sustainable regeneration of a new hybrid anion exchange nanotechnology (HAIX‐Nano) for phosphorus removal and recovery
Xavier Foster, Céline Vaneeckhaute
Towards upgrading glycerol and carbon dioxide into succinic acid based on open‐culture anaerobic fermentation
Patrick Schweizer, Largus T. Angenent
Life cycle assessment of sericin recovery from silk degumming wastewaters
Gökşen Çapar, Tolga Pilevneli, Ülkü Yetiş, Filiz Bengü Dilek
14:55 15:10 Hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge: optimization of phosphorous recovery
Gemma Mannarino, Andrea Luca Tasca, Riccardo Gori, Massimo Aiello, Sandra Vitolo, Monica Puccini
Microbial recycling of biodegradable plastics: PLA food packaging chemical hydrolysis and consequent chain elongation to carboxylic acids
David P.b.t.b. Strik, Brian Heusschen
Potential of irrigation return flow (IRF) to reuse in irrigation with three alternatives in Turkey
Irem Karahan, Numan Habip, Arife Ozudogru, Yusuf Basaran, Bilal Dikmen
15:10 15:25 Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash: leaching and precipitation conditions for high‐ value fertilizer production
Gaia Boniardi, Andrea Turolla, Roberto Canziani, Enrico Gelmi, Laura Fiameni, Elza Bontempi
Nutritional and operational requirements to apply granular biofilms for lactic acid‐mediated chain elongation
Ramon Ganigue, Quinten Mariën, Barbara Ulčar, Eline Hendriks, Benjamin Vanthuyne, Korneel Rabaey, Jose Carvajal Arroyo, Pieter Candry
Environmental and socioeconomic assessment of innovative resource recovery technologies on municipal wastewater
Giulia Cipolletta, Alessia Foglia, Cecilia Bruni, Anna Laura Eusebi, Nicola Frison, Evina Katsou, Francesco Fatone
15:25 15:40 Phosphorous adsorption and recovery from municipal wastewater with a hybrid ion exchange resin: long‐term assessment of the process performances
Dario Frascari, Sara Bovina, Giorgia Rubertelli, Davide Pinelli, Samuela Guida, Ana Soares
Lactic acid addition increases valerate yield in granular mixed culture glucose fermentation
Tomas Allegue Martinez, Ramis Rafay, Mauricio Patón, Jorge Rodriguez
Water reuse in hydroponic plant production: a new facet in agricultural food production
Michaela Fischer, Martina Winker

Session 16
Water Recovery & Reuse
Session 17
Chain Elongation
Session 18
Economic and Environmental Sustainability
16:10 16:30 KEYNOTE
Ozone‐BAC Based Advanced Treatment of Reclaimed Water for Indirect Potable Reuse in Inland Regions
Dr. Krishna Pagilla (USA)
Chain elongation fermentation enables the formation of branched medium chain fatty acids and alcohols for resource recovery
Kasper Daniël De Leeuw, Theresa Ahrens, Cees J.N. Buisman, David P.B.T.B. Strik
An operational decision support tool for assessing the eco‐efficiency of resource recovery from wastewater
Maria Faragò, Martin Rygaard, Morten Rebsdorf
16:30 16:45 Nutrients and brine valorization through advanced water reclamation process: The case of the city of Murcia
Mateo Bruno Pastur Romay, Eva Mena, Benoit Lefevre, Jose Luis Cortina, Julio Lopez, Celia Castro Barros, Joana Tobella
Acid whey to MCCs and then to drop‐in fuel – how to do the triple‐step
Richard Hegner, Monika Temovska, Katharina Neubert, Luis F.M. Rosa, Falk Harnisch, Largus T. Angenent
Economic and cross‐media effect analysis for caustic recovery methods from mercerization wastewater
Meltem Balkan, Emrah Ozturk, Mehmet Kitis
16:45 17:00 Sim4Reuse: A user‐friendly software platform for resource recovery in the Mediterranean
Özlem Karahan Karahan Özgün, Doğa Binay, Onur Yılmaz Özcan
Potential novel products from extractive chain elongation: vegetable oil enriched with n‐ caproate and n‐caprylate as functionalized feed additive
Carlos A. Contreras‐Dávila, Cees N. J. Buisman, David P. B. T. B. Strik
Circular economy – A path to full scale resource recovery in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark
Dines Erik Thornberg, Nick Ahrensberg, Jeanette Agertved Madsen, Mikkel Holmen Andersen, Ida Leisner, Martin Rygaard
17:00 17:15 Assessment of conventional and advanced treatment processes for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in urban wastewater for reuse
Özlem Karahan Özgün, Ayşe Dudu Allar Emek, Tuğba Ölmez Hancı, Serdar Doğruel, Ismail Koyuncu, Ceren Eropak Yılmazer, Suna Çınar, Onur Kiraz, Ercan Çitil, Aybala Koç Orhon, Esra Şıltu, Sibel Mine Güçver

Impact and opportunities for the urban water cycle of the ‘fully circular in 2050’ target of the Netherlands ‐ Circular Water 2050
Kees Roest, Aalke Lida De Jong, Henk Jan Van Alphen, Andrew Segrave
Applying a Water Lens to the Circular Economy
Mark Fletcher (UK)

Session 19
Safe Reuse
Session 20
Water Recovery & Reuse
Session 21
VFA and Organics Recovery
12:25 12:45 KEYNOTE
Safe Reuse: Cautiously Ambitious
Olaf van der Kolk (NL)
Near Zero Waste Discharge: Recovery of NaCl and Water from Concentrated Industrial Fermentation Waste Stream
Fatma Elif Genceli Güner, Zeynep Ekin Karabulut, Serdar Doğruel, Hayrettin Güçlü Insel
Modelling the impact of osmotolerance strategies on the valorization of salt‐rich wastewater into volatile fatty acids
Alberte Regueira, Riccardo Bevilacqua, Juan M Lema, Marta Carballa, Miguel Mauricio Iglesias
12:45 13:00 Nationwide SARS‐COV‐2 surveillance study of Turkey for monitoring of Covid‐19 spread
Bilge Alpaslan Kocamemi, Halil Kurt, Ahmet Sait, Fahriye Saraç, Hamza Kadı, Ismail Aydın, Sabri Hacıoğlu, Cevdet Yaralı, Ahmet Mete Saatci, Bekir Pakdemirli
The effect of wastewater treated with different technologies on yield and water use of drip irrigated safflower
Yasemin Senem Kukul, Mehmet Kamil Meriç, Emrah Özçakal, Hatice Gürgülü, Nalan Kabay, Tülay Güngören Madenoğlu, N.j. Falizi
VFA recovery platform for industrial wastewater valorisation
Tamara Casero Díaz, Ander Castro Fernández, Vanesa Paramá Pérez, Antón Taboada Santos, Celia María Castro Barros, Marta Carballa Arcos, Miguel Mauricio Iglesias, Álvaro Silva Teira
13:00 13:15 A roadmap for water reuse risk management and safety plan in integrated wastewater and reuse systems
Serena Radini, Alessia Foglia, Corinne Andreola, Enrico Marinelli, Çağrı Akyol, Anna Laura Eusebi, Francesco Fatone,
Water recovery from textile wastewater with halloysite nanotube‐reinforced tight ceramic UF membrane
Meltem Ağtaş, Mehmet Dilaver, Ismail Koyuncu
Exploring the product inhibition limits in mixed culture glucose fermentation
Tomas Allegue, Ramis Rafay, Sanjana Chandran, Jorge Rodriguez
13:15 13:30 Fate of organic micropollutants in reverse electrodialysis using impaired water as a low‐salinity stream
Lingshan Ma, Leonardo Gutierrez, Marjolein Vanoppen, Arne Verliefde, Emile Cornelissen
Is capacitive electrodialysis a barrier for the transport of organic micropollutants? A decentralized desalination study
Lingshan Ma, Leonardo Gutierrez, Malgorzata Roman, Mingsheng Jia, Yu Xue, Arne Verliefde, Emile Cornelissen
Selection and enrichment of chemolithotrophic microbial mixed cultures (MMC) in a H2/CO2 fermentation CSTR process for value‐added chemicals synthesis
Léa Laguillaumie, Yan Rafrafi, Simon Dubos, Mansour Bounouba, Elisabeth Moya Leclair, Etienne Paul, Claire Dumas
13:30 13:45 (Hyper‐)thermophilic anaerobic digestion of concentrated BW for pathogen removal and safe nutrient recovery
Marinus J. Moerland, Alicia Borneman, Paraschos Chatzopoulos, Adrian Gonzalez Fraile, Miriam H. A. Van Eekert, Lucia Hernández Leal, Grietje Zeeman, Cees J.n.
Dynamic Membrane Bioreactor Application for Domestic Wastewater Treatment: Resource and Material Recovery from Wastewaters
Yaşar Onur Demiral, Azize Ayol
Investigating the performance of different draw solutions in a forward osmosis system
Stavroula Kappa, Evangelia Themeli, Simos Malamis